Sunday, November 1, 2015

Southern Coast Iceland Waterfalls & Volcano`s

This is a collection of photographs taken by myself of  the Southern Coast of Iceland. 
Here you can find wonderful stunning beautiful waterfalls.
Glorious glazier washouts and rumbling  volcano's of  Iceland.
The photo`s show the ice top mountains and volcano tips.
Please Enjoy these photo`s

The Volcano,s of Iceland. 

There is a tale to tell about this part of Iceland. As many of us know Iceland has many volcanoes and many of them are active. During one earth tremor near to this part of the Island out of the sea popped another island which can be seen in the far right of the screen as we are looking now. It must have been very wired seeing an island pop up like.

These are eerie photographs they show the tip of the volcanoes.  

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