Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oh What A Frosty Morning

I just love to wake up in the morning in winter to find Jack Frost has visited us the night before. I would much rather have a cold frosty ice morning than a damp, rainy, windy day.
There is something quite mystical about an icy morning followed by a sunny day, its lovely to be able to look around you and see, an icy puddle, a cob web frosted upon the fence, how its etched with a glittery white glow. In the distance you can see smoking chimneys, as the fire burns below the puffs of smoke rise up to the clouds in the sky.
How you can watch your breath steam out before you as breath, the hot and cold air meet in the middle and you look as if you are smoking. 
Each morning as the sun rises you are bless with the most beautiful vision before you. The skies can be filled with such beautiful colours, the pinks are my favourite.
As the days go by the winter season will soon be gone, then you have the delights of spring. Live each day as it comes and treasure the life you have and most of all enjoy the beauty around you as its does not cost a penny when the delights of nature make you smile.

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