Sunday, January 18, 2015

Frosty Walk

Sunday is a day of relaxation and chilling out.
As a family during the winter time there is nothing better than the Sunday morning newspapers and a steaming mug of coffee. Finding the odd competition to enter.
It was a beautiful sunny crisp day today so off we trotted wellies on cracking ice in puddles, walking through mud and paddling in icy streams as the washed over the frosty lanes.
Along the verge of the lane you could see a small stream, which  running down the hillside. As the stream neared  the verge of the road, the road dropped about 2 feet a small little waterfall had formed. The sound of the trickling water is such a comforting noise although it can make you want a wee if you've a weak bladder. As we walked down the lane earlier we had crossed over a small Ford a small band of water crossing over the road. This is where the child in me comes into action. Treading carefully through an icey puddle in my wellies. On the verge my son shakes his head with a smile upon his face as he watches his mother paddling.
In the distance as you look back upon yourself, you could see the hills and mountains of the Welsh boarders. The views of the Gern were quite spectacular.
Upon the tops of the hills and mountains a fine layer of icing sugar snow had been sprinkled the views today were amazing.
As we wandered back towards our village you could see the snow clouds gathering in the distance, after only a few minutes more walking you could actually see the weather coming in over the mountains. The snow was defiantly getting deeper up there. We arrived home just in time as small bits of icy sleet rain began to fall.
A lovely little walk in crispy winter sunshine complete.

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