Sunday, May 5, 2013

Llandudno Victorian Fayre

Bank Holiday Monday saw us heading to LLandudno for the Victorian Fair. On arrival the whole town was packed and cars in near enough grid lock. After quite a while we managed to get a parking space. Heading off we walked along the front of the promenade towards the peer. 
I have special memories of Llandudno from my childhood. As a youngster along with my family we used to catch the boat from Liverpool Pier Head. 
The boat which was one of the old Isle of Mann ferry's who then take us on a mini cruise along the River Mersey passed the shipwreck and out into the open Irish Sea heading to Llandudno. The boat would dock at the end of the pier once it reached the destination of the seaside town. Myself and my family mum, dad, aunts and uncles along with Nanie and Granddad it was a real family affair. I still remember the sea being choppy one day on the way back. My Nana was in the look trying to piddle, all we could hear from outside the cubicle was Nana`s little heels clip clopping to and from the loo to the door as the waves tossed the boat about. She was at this point along with all of us too busy laughing as she hovered above the toilet seat trying to have a wee. I am afraid most of our family see the funny side of things. Lets face it you have to sometimes in this life or you will go mad. Once the boat had docked we spent the afternoon wandering around Llandudno. I can also remember the rude funny postcards which used to be on display these entertained my Granddad for hours. Llandudno was a great place to spend those glorious sunny afternoons we had in the 1970`s.
Back to our tale. It for once was a lovely sunny day for a bank holiday. After reaching the pier we headed into the town as the fair was running parallel to the seafront road. The whole town centre was packed it was like sardines in a can. I can not say I overly enjoyed being pushed along pillar to post. We made the most of the day by looking in the shops long the way again these were just far to jam packed. It was time to leave far to stressful to stay any longer.  Below are some of the photographs  we took. 

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