Friday, May 3, 2013

Army Cadet Force The Cambrian Patrol

Aaron has trained over a number of weekends with the British Army. He has worked extremely hard , even training every night after school. He has trained by running around the lanes and across the fields with a large burgan on his back. He has also used webbing and had a weapon with him at times.
He has earned the nick name Forest Gump due to his non stop running. " Run Forest Run ".

THE CAMBRIAN is a big Army Cadet Patrol Operation. The cadets have to complete tasks as a section ( team ). The tasks the cadets have to do relate to the real life incidents an army soldier would find himself in.
These tasks include tackling mine fields, tending to badly injured casualties, some of which are shell shocked and hysterical.
Other tasks they have to complete are shooting targets mostly moving, completing grilling combat courses, cleaning kits and working out navigation tasks and working on their mapping skills. At times when mapping the section would have to memorise the route and destroy the evidence.
Aaron had a wonderful time and learnt so much over the weekends away. He came home the proud owner of a successful completion certificate and a gold medal.


Firstly Captain Mchugh ( yes Captain ) and his section had to patrol up.
Explosions were set off and his section came under fire from enemy forces.
The enemy fled has the group moved forward. They then had to negotiate a mine field to try to get to the casualties of the explosion attack.
The casualties had a number of injuries. Some were unconscious, some dead. One casualty was not breathing so CPR had to be done.
The worst was the female casualty with the supernal injury, burns to her face and a nasty cut to the leg. The injuries looked so realistic with metal sticking out of the wound.

There was lots of other different stands which the group had to tackle. The section marched over 40 K  which is approx 28 - 30 miles. 
The Cambrian was an excellent learning experience. Aaron came home very tired and very mucky. The gold medal Aaron came home with was defiantly well earned. 

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