Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snow Drops At Attingham

Visiting Attingham Park is always a pleasant  experience whatever time of year. Our visit today was even more special. 
It was a beautiful spring day the sun shone down as we walked the dogs around the park. Today the grounds were covered in snowdrops. The lovely little white plants went on for miles, clustered together in solid groups, mainly amongst the wooded areas of the park.
It was so relaxing, I love to walk although as Fred has got older he now has to have shorter walks. Fred will be 14 yrs old at the end of this year. He is still very fit but has problems with his front paws and limps if he is rushed. The worse thing about Fred getting old sadly he is now completely blind. When walking we have to guide him up and down kerbs and steps. With this new chapter of his life we are still teaching with progress. I am unable to let him off his lead now as he would bump into trees etc. 
Reggie has been a star and helps to guide him when he can. Sadly this is part of his ageing, but at least he is still happy and healthy even if is also has a few lumps here and there. I still feel despite his age, he still has plenty of life in him yet and as always he wont miss out on anything we will find a way like we always do !
After are walk we headed to the cafe for a well earned coffee. 
Attingham sure is a lovely place to take a stroll in the spring sunshine.

Attingham Park is on the outskirts of Shrewsbury  very easy to get to just off the A5. The park is an excellent place for children. There is plenty of wheelchair / pushchair access around the grounds.  

The beautiful blanket of Snowdrops covering the grounds at  at Attingham  Park Shrewsbury 

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The Boys 

Fred our wonderful cocker spaniel

Sadly poor Fred is now blind 

Reggie  a true star 

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