Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summer Sun Aaron`s Animals

Enjoying the early morning summer sun one August Morning Aaron & his animals. A rare occasion of late with all the rain. We watched the moon go down in the west and the sun coming up from the east. Pictured above with his hansom rescued cocker spaniel Fred. This dog has amazed everyone as he came to us in a very poor state near to death. He was brought back to health by the local vet & a very happy loving family. Cocker Spaniel web sites

Sooty Aaron`s cat enjoying the summer sun on the veranda at our house. Sooty is a few years old & can be a tinker. A very good mouse catcher. Cat info site

Jake the parrot. This little guy I have had for many years. He is a happy little fellow and eats for England. Info on pet parrots

Bart are pet rat. Growing very big now. He is hand tame and enjoys playing with Aaron running around the rooms. Aaron has a huge play ball for Bart he rolls around the floors in his ball. Aaron also has collar & lead for his lovely pet. Link on ifo on pet rats

Flipper & Kipper are two pet goldfish. These are a few years old now and enjoy eating & eating. They do very well considering there age. Info on Goldfish please click here

Jiminey Jingles are miniature stallion pony. This little man can be very naughty. He has learnt to open doors to the house and just lets himself in. We have often found him in the bathroom or watching TV in the back room. We our members of the British Miniture Horse Society click here for link
Miniture pony links

It is also lovely to see Aaron such a happy healthy little boy.
Anyway that's all for now folks. Enjoy the sun.

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