Friday, August 1, 2008

River Mersey Bike Ride

Wednesday 23rd of July took us down to the Wirral along with Fred our dog and Aaron's Nana Dot. We picked up Aaron's Great Aunt Murial then went off for fish and chips heading for New Brighton to eat them up In our beloved VW Camper Van.

Take a tour of New Brighton Via You Tube

We took Fred our dog for a run along the Red Noses Harrison Drive. Both Dog and son having a great time hiding from each other amongst the bushes and long grass.

Heading along the Mersey we stopped off at the bicycle track that runs level with the shore. Aaron had a great time riding his bicycle from Egremont to Vale Park Fred and I tagging along. There are wonderful views of ships and Liverpool from the Wallasey / Birkenhead Shore Line. As seen from the photographs.

Next stop was for a swim at the local pool Guinea Gap. I remember this pool as a child having many a great time here and at the open air baths New Brighton walking back and forth along the prom. We both had a quick swim leaving Nana & Aunt Murial enjoying the views of the River in the Camper Van. Everywhere we go the Camper draws in lots of attention this time being no exception. On our return the van had yet another admirer.

Next stop was to place flowers on the grave of Daniel, Callum & my dad Alf. Not a easy thing to do knowing both the children should be alive today enjoying life not lieing in a grave.

We then dropped off Aunt Murial before heading to Woodside to pick up my wonderful partner & Aaron's step dad Billy as he finished work. A great big smile greeted us as he turned up from Liverpool with a great big family hug to follow. We then drove to our home.

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