Monday, August 25, 2008

Erddig August 2008

We visited Erddig. Erddig is one of Britains best historic houses, It is also part of the National Trust Erddig is based just outside wrexham north Wales

We looked around the award winning rooms of the great house. Visited 3 floors. Aaron & his friend Callum enjoyed exploring all the rooms and floors.

The Gardens were maintained very well very calm and relaxing full of wild life. Especially the Ducks who seem to be very well fed as you can see.

The stables a Erddig were as they were in the older days. The horses offer carriage rides( please see next blog dedicated to the horses of Erddig )We watched as Harvey was shod and Duke was harnessed for the next carrige ride.

After walking around the gardens for a while we headed to the tea room for tea and cake.

Next stop was the cup & saucer walk. We got Fred our cocker spaniel from the camper and off we trotted along the walk. The walk has a stream running through with a small dam built a range of water features including a brick hole in the centre of a pond like system which swirls the water down. We walked back and headed home. McDonalds for the boys on the way back.

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