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Spooky Happenings Yorkshire Dales August 2008


On a August weekend we headed up to North Yorkshire for a few days. The weekend turned into one of the spookiest times we have all ever had. We were originally going camping but due to a rough weather forecast we decided to obtain accommodation. We booked into a converted barn just outside Ingleton on the North Yorkshire / Lancashire Boarder.

The barn was on an old farm dating back hundreds of years and was tastefully converted with bedrooms down stairs and large living room and kitchen upstairs

North Yorkshire & Lancashire are known for legendary witchcraft and folk law. Links below to some of the witchcraft sites, some people may find interesting.

Well the weekend started off well. we were unloading the car when a bottle of Vimto my son Aaron had shot out of the car and flew up in the air crashing to the ground. We carried on unloading, then settled down to a cup of tea in the large lounge. We all sat together watching the Olympics on TV. There was a sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, we all heard it. The barn was empty except for us being there. It was so realistic the air was cold but there was no one there except us.

Eventually I ventured into the kitchen to make some tea. As Billy came in a chair shot across the room we were both a bit taken aback by this. There was a definite presence but we all try ed to ignore it. I made Aaron some tea and place it on the table called for him to collect it, as he came though the door the table gave way and collapsed in front of us.

After tea I gave my mum a ring on my mobile phone. We all had a mobile phone each both Aaron's & mine being on the same network., but my phone was playing up for some reason. I was speaking to my mum when I handed the phone to Billy, whilst talking there was a definite sound of a man laughing on the phone by this time I was beginning to feel a bit scared as were the rest of us. Billy phoned my mum back who confirmed she had heard the laughing to before the phone disconnected on its own.

We decided to head off to the local pub for a swift drink. By this time we were all a bit spooked. Billy decided to book us into the pub for the night but there was no vacancies, reluctantly we headed back to the haunted barn.

picture above of the barn + views of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, the waterfall trails, white scar caves Ingleborough cave ect

for a spooky ending & the unexplained please see last chapter of the Spooky Happenings Blog

We put the lights on and all settled down in the living room for the night. The atmosphere was a bit more settled at this time. Leaving the lights on it felt a bit more safe. Aaron and I snuggled up together leaving poor Billy on a chair of his own. We all fell asleep together.

2am I suddenly woke up the presence was back. Click all the lights went out. I grabbed my mobile phone which had lost all signal. It was just after 2am. Suddenly there was a sweet pleasant smell in the room along with the feeling of a presence of an old man & lady. It felt safe bangs were also heard in the centre of the room. At 2.35am there was another click and the lights came back on. They had gone it was calm again. Morning came and we started out day.

After breakfast we headed up to White Scar Cave.

This cave is the longest show cave in Britain it is set deep beneath Ingleborough Hill in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. A hidden world hides beneath the hill which has been sculpted by nature over 1000`s of years.
Imagine a subterranean landscape beautifully lit, with gushing streams and waterfalls, exotic cave formations, and a huge ice-age cavern adorned with thousands of stalactites. To learn about the cave please visit the web site @@@@@ . The tour takes approx 80 minutes as you go deep beneath the hill walking around a mile. Most of the tour you follow a rushing underground stream which is covered by a see through metal walk way. As you go through the cave there are many beautiful rock formations and waterfalls along with named stalactites. The end cavern is huge as the lights are dimmed the straw stalactites are lite with a magical glow. Each one of us enjoyed the tour. please see photos above

After looking around we headed back to the barn. This evening luckily we had neighbours so we felt a bit more at ease. We got talking to the couple next door to us. A couple with 3 children the mother turned and said to us. The lights won`t stop flickering Billy & I just looked at each other with a smile maybe they will leave us alone tonight. Later that evening we drove up to a lovely village through the Yorkshire Dales.` Horton In Ribblesdale ` a picturesque village were we had dinner at a country pub with some of Billy's friend who had also travelled to Yorkshire for weekend. We all had a lovely evening before driving back through the dales. It was raining and dark we all watched as frogs / toads hopped in front of our car as we drove back. Back at the barn we all stuck together even in the loo. The barn was quite apart from the odd door bang and footsteps. also in the night I felt a prod from under the bed no one there.


After breakfast we made up pack lunches grabbed our waterproofs and all put on our walking boots and rucksacks heading off on foot. We headed for the waterfall trails In Ingleton. The trail is 4 1/2 miles long covering some of the most spectacular scenery of woodlands, the Yorkshire dales with open countryside and some of the country's most beautiful waterfalls. We followed paths along the river climbing up hillsides and steps to top of waterfalls along the gorge. We stopped off for lunch half way around the walk. The views were amazing. We headed back along the gorge on the other side. This walk / part of Yorkshire is sure a magical mystical place which is a place were fairy's, elves and goblins sure would live. A place were imagination and relaxation can be found. We all did well on the walk I was impressed with Aaron`s stamina as he went ahead looking at the views. We ended up back in Ingleton were Aaron played in the park for a bit. For info on the waterfall trail please visit


This cave is again deep in the heart of Ingleborough Mountain. NR the village of Clapham in the Yorkshire Dales. The village of Clapham is again very picturesque. the cave itself is found after following over a mile of track, again with fantastic views of the Yorkshire Dales. This cave in itself is a very magical experience and one of the most prettiest underground experiences have to be seen. it is a magical labyrinth of under ground passages and pools. All of us found this cave a very magical beautiful place. The our was NR to hour long. Well worth a visit if your in the area. Visit for more information. After we headed back down the track to Clapham.

Clapham itself is a lovely little village set along a pretty river with a beautiful waterfall at the head. Soon it was NR dark so we headed back to the barn for our last night.

Here are some more interesting web sites to visit &

Our last night in the haunted barn was a little eventful doors and footsteps in the night. The doors were fire doors opening and shutting. These doors were heavy to open and shut ? ? Again we all stuck together. Around 2 am a airy presence again filled the room we were in with bangs in the centre of the room. There was no one there except us as our neighbours had made a hasty exit the day before only coping one night ? Next morning all was quite once again we had our breakfast and chilled for a little while. The room filled with a shiver and footsteps came from the stairs once again. No one was there. Whoever or whatever was about was making it clear they wanted us to leave. We packed up rapidly and loaded the car. I decided to take some photos of the barn before we left. It was a spooky experience we all felt over the weekend. We headed home glad to be away from the barn.

Last Chapter
On developing the photographs we were a bit taken aback. Please take a close look at the photo`s of the barn shown on this blog. Look at the windows closely. The two top windows show what looks like a man leaning out of the window. the next window there is a clear face at the side and next to him what looks like a Quaker man with two slant eyed faces above. On the window top of the fire escape there show the figure of a lady.
The photo showing the building opposite the barn if you zoom in you can clearly see the outline of what looks like a German Shepard dog.
But the door way to the barn shows the outline of a long haired pretty witch watching us leave.
There are more faces and figures we can make out on the photo`s but these are the most prominent. These photos have not been tampered with take a look and see what you can see.

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