Friday, August 2, 2013

My Facination With Witches

My fascination with witches began at an early age. When I was young we travelled to Burnley quite alot to visit my Great Aunts. Aunty Lizzy and Aunt Alice these life long friends and companions were a proper pair of strict old maids.I remember my visits with fondness. I was not aloud to dunk my biscuits in my tea and had to sit right prim and proper. They used to make a huge pot of stew, it would be served with crusty bread, beetroot and sometimes red cabbage.
On the journey I often heard the tales of Pendle Hill. The witches of Pendle. Some of the tales told of how the witches would meet upon Pendle hill on the evenings of the full moon. The witches would fly around in their broomsticks. Coming home from Burnley on those dark nights I would often keep an eye out for the odd witch out flying in her broomstick. 

From the on I have always had a fascination with witches. 

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