Tuesday, June 24, 2008

West Midlands Show June 2008 The Shows

The shows West Midlands Show Grim Reaper Monster Truck along with Big Pete. The was a tug of war ripping a car in two. Car crushing and a drag race. To vist there web site click here http://www.bigpete-mt.co.uk/ .
The devils horseman was also a good show. Jousting competions medival fights horses were lovely. It was a great show even though it was very windy. to visit devils horseman web site clic here http://www.thedevilshorsemen.com/
There were other shows in the areana inc a civil war battle with load canon and gun fire. Also pony club games.
There is also a photo on here of the remote control robot transformer this was fantatic the way it moved around. Aaron loved it.

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