Monday, June 2, 2008

Cosford Air Show June 1st 2008

What a fantastic day out. One of the most spectacular airshows. Performances by the RAF, from old to new aircraft, fighter displays planes dropping bombs, huge helicopters and parachutes. Aaron had a wonderful day out so did Billy & I.

The display by the red arrows was brillant. The show was packed with thousands upon thousands of people.

There was lots of displays. Displays included firing guns, ejection and fighter pilot seats. Communication land rover, this had a very advanced satellite system which could reach anyone all over the world. The soldier explained the land rover was sent to Iraq or Afghanistan via a huge transport helicopter and then could be sent any were within that country to aid communication for the soldiers. It was fascinating to listen to the soldiers as they told there story's.

There was also huge fair ground and massive ski slope slides

Great day out barbecue at the camper ended the day along with Billy and Aaron playing football. Everton v Liverpool nothing like a bit of rivalry between to boys.

Also I would like to thank all my friends Auntie Pat and especially Billy ( my little Evertoian ) for looking after me as like most of you no I have been really poorly.

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Some photos from the day.

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