Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kayaking At Bala Lake

Jubilee bank holiday weekend saw Aaron, Simon and I spending the day at Bala Lake with a number of friends. We all met up in the morning by the side of the lake for a wonderful day sailing and kayaking. For those brave enough to get in the water the sailing boat was the first to be lunched in the water off the back of Malcom`s car. Aaron loves water sports, recently we bought him his own kayak. Aaron and his friend Callum were soon ready to go off in there kayaks. With there life jackets on they were off exploring the lake. Aaron new kayak was off on its maiden voyage.
The camper came in handy for the ones who stayed on dry land, it turned into a coffee shop for the day. One of us kept watch on the boys and on the sailing boat using binoculars at all times. Aaron is a fantastic swimmer, he has earned many badges and certificates in life saving so I try no to worry whilst he is out there he is a very capable young man.
After a few hours the boys decided to come out and have a game of cricket with the little ones. My god children had arrived during the morning to join in the fun along with more of Aaron`s old school friends and their families.
It was a lovely day out which we all enjoyed, were all looking forward to the next time. The photo`s below tell the story enjoy !

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