Sunday, June 17, 2012

Prometheus Date @ The Cinema Father`s Day Weekend

Scene From Prometheus

It has been been a strange weekend. Aaron went away with the Army Friday night to Liverpool The TA training camp. We waved him off as he boarded the Army cadet force mini bus, laden with his gear in a huge army bag. Of course he has a wonderful time enjoying what he loves to do. The cadets has opened many avenues in his life. I am very happy he is having these chances to develop his learning skills. He has earned many stars this weekend. He has been on parade, been on field trips, learnt about weapons, been on drill and stayed in the army barracks  for the last two nights. He has come home with a huge smile on his face. 

Well whilst the cat is away us mice decided to play. Simon and I spent a romantic day together. We had plans but due to the rain we changed them, which was a bit disappointing.
We decided to head to Wrexham Odeon, parking up at Eagle`s meadows we headed to the cinema to watch Prometheus.
Prometheus is the pre squeal  to the films back in the olden days Alien. It was a good film not to be missed, also not for the faint hearted. I will not tell you what happens in fear of spoiling it for you but I did not fall asleep so it must have been good !
After watching the film we headed for a meal at the Poachers Pocket, it was not the best meal we have tasted. Starter was served with lettuce which at passed its sell by day being a little brown on the edges.   The main was nice though.
We polished the evening off with a nice bottle of wine, film and cuddling on the sofa. BLISS !

Fathers Day started off with us heading to the boot sale. We had a relaxing walk around not rushing  just enjoying each others company. We bought a few bits and pieces. Afterwards it was time for a coffee at McDonald's LUSH !
We picked up the papers before heading home for a chill out time for the rest of the day. We sat with a coffee and read the papers together. 

Simon had a busy time with it being fathers day. He had a few surprises, and his phone was bleeping with messages wishing him a Happy Fathers Day. He deserves it after bringing up 6 children in his previous marriage. Simon`s two boys sent messages along with Simon`s 4 elder stepchildren. All of his children are lovely Emily is the eldest at 35 and Callum is the youngest at nearly 19. So they are not exactly children any more.  

As for Aaron I was forbidden to give Simon his fathers day gift, Aaron wanted to give his Step dad his present himself. He came home late afternoon packed like a cart horse with his huge bag. He gave Simon his gift, which was  a T shirt with one of the DIY dwarfs on and a CD gift set of Rush the rock group one of Simon`s favourite groups.
We have all had a lovely weekend, even if it was a bit different. Family life has never been so good. 

Happy Fathers Day to a wonderful man Simon  love from Lesley, Aaron, Emily, Roo, Sam, Jack, Nathan & Callum  XXXX

Back From The Army Barracks ` Aaron` 

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