Friday, June 8, 2012

Colemere Lake Circular Walk

Recently we all took a walk around Colemere Lake. This is a very pretty walk under the shade of the trees most of the time. It was a fairly hot day so we took plenty of water. Reg ran free with Aaron giving chase. Sadly poor Fred our cocker spaniel has to stay on his lead now with being blind. He has reached the grand old age of 14, he is still very alert and can walk a good way. 
We all enjoyed our walk, walking relaxes the mind and body and free`s it from stress. 
I have completed a year at Chester University the last module I have really enjoyed as it was all about Stress. 
Colemere Lake is a circular walk of approx 3 miles. It is flat and suitable for wheelchairs. When walking we all take interest in the wildlife around us and take in all the fresh air. Walking on the flat is great for Simon. Thankfully at present his condition is stable. We are looking forward to the future with optimism. Living with cancer is not easy. We all describe it as living in a time bomb. Every day we have together  is a blessing. 

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