Monday, June 11, 2012

The Diamond Jubilee June 2012

Llangedwyn and the surrounding villages celebrated the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee in stile. We attended a Tea Party at the village hall for afternoon tea. The girls who put on this special event did a wonderful job. The cakes were lovely. 
The evening was at the mill near to the river. This is a lovely setting for a party, with plenty of room for the children to play as long as there told to keep away from the river. 
A bouncy castle was set up in the field. It was good to have my god children at the event they seem to have a great time and settled in playing with the children of Llangedwyn school well.
Callum, Simon`s youngest son was staying with us for the jubilee weekend. He soon made lots of new friends we hardly saw him all night.
Aaron caught up with his old Llangedwyn school friends it was odd seeing all these older boys all looking so grown up.
During the evening there was a band on. The band was good and we all enjoyed jigging along to the music and catching up on the gossip with all are old friends.
The Jubilee itself was wonderful. We watched it on the TV. The horses looked beautiful. The whole of the Jubilee will have left us with lasting memories of such a lovely occasion. 
We all thought the concert was brilliant, we watched this a The Green in as it was our friend Jude`s birthday party. We had a great night here amongst friends. The boys had a kick about on the green. As for the concert I thought the Madness show on the roof was fabulous, along with Buckingham Palaces and the light show of houses and rooms on the front of the place. I also enjoyed Kylie, we all love her. Gary Barlow well done for putting such a wonderful concert together. Great Stuff !

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