Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jousting At Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a wonderful day out, we all love to visit. Today however was a bit special, It was Jousting week. Here horsemen battle in tournament with long jousting sticks, knocking each other off the horses if they can. 
It was a really good display of horsemanship. Well worth watching and great for the boys to relive medieval history.  The rain failed to stop play. Aaron and Callum went off on there own for a while so we did not cramp their stile.
Simon and I had a look at the peacock garden usually the garden is filled with many peacocks. It was raining quite heavy so they were no were to be seen. We could hear then but could not see them. Looking up towards the rain filled skies we spotted them high in the tree tops. This was a complete surprise for us. What a place to keep out of the rain.
During our visit we wandered around the castle looking at the treasure`s it hold. Everywhere you go in the castle there is something interesting and unique to look at.
We watched the birds of prey, the huge eagles flying in and out of the arena. Lunch was a romantic time for us as the boys went off in search of the pasta stall. Simon and I shared soup and rolls in the lovely little restaurant. 
We also had another great time in the castle dungeons. Deep beneath the castle lies the most scary place you could ever visit. Filled with creepy creatures with the plague you wander through the dungeon rooms hoping against hope you reach the door at the other end. Down here you meet the kitchen maid looking for answers to solve the mystery of the plague. Witches are tried and sentenced to barbaric deaths. We met the torturer, a bloke who certainly enjoys his job of pulling out tongue and chopping bits off. He also seems to enjoy placing sharp hooks in unusual places, I will leave you to use your imagination for what I mean. 
Near the end we heard the tale of the Warwick witch. Taken to the castle and tried for witchcraft. The old lady is said to haunt the castle to this day so beware when your looking around you do not get lost !
The day was filled with sunshine and showers, towards the end of the day it was you guessed it mainly showers. We were all soaking wet.
Lucky enough we have family living not far away form the castle, so we headed off to get dry and for a cup of hot tea at my cousin Amanda`s. We stayed  for a few hours to avoid the traffic on the M6 motorway. We chatted with Amanda and Chris her partner, whilst all the children played together, Amanda has a huge house the children had a ball playing hide and seek. Aaron and particularly one of his cousins Will, who is the same age as Aaron, are quite close and are firm friends on line.The internet is a great place to keep in touch with family and friends that do not live nearby as long as it is used wisely. It is quite sad that we have to teach our children from an early age how to keep themselves safe on the internet. 
Jousting at Warwick Castle was an wonderful day out. Warwick Castle has to go on my list of one of the best castles in the UK . To all my horsey friends I hope you enjoy the photographs below, the black horse I have claim so hands off ! LOL   Enjoy !

I want this horse he a beauty

What a sight !

Peacock Garden at Warwick 

My Simon  

Peacocks in the tree  We could hear them but could not see them ?

Sitting on the nest 

Always make us giggle Dave the Rave and Aaron  The wax work double 

Me and my Simon 

Callum & Aaron watching the birds of prey 

My two boys with Callum 

Our Cousins : Amanda & Family 

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