Friday, October 8, 2010

Oswestry Shopping

Simon decided to take me for a little walk today around town to see how got on with my sore paw. We popped into Oswestry for a wander around the shops.
Stopping off for lunch along the way.
M & Co had a sale on, so I couldn't resist. Here I got a lovely little blue dress which will look fab with boots. It`s a bit different to the one I bought in Liverpool.
The one I bought in Liverpool I recently wore on a night out, Its Denim dip dye effect very bikerish it looks fab with my little black butterfly shoes and bolero, turn a few heads that night which made Simon proud.
Its nice to now you still have the gift even after turning 40.
The dress got today is mainly blue with hint of grey flowery look fwd to wearing it.
Simon is at work at moment my ankle is swollen up stiff and a bit sore, so got to rest and chill out.
Aaron is also off on a night hike with the scouts tonight. Should be fun.

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