Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Me

Having ben laid up for over a week its time to get back out there exploring.
Last week I fell over the hoover hose first thing in the morning and took a tumble. There was an almightly crack as pain tore through my ankle.
With Aron turning white & Simon flapping, they both watched as my ankle started to balloon with a huge lump to one side. With the sight of this I stared to throw up ... lovely.
After sitting tight refusing to go anywere near Shrewsbury hospital, I was forced by Simon to go to the doctors.
Who abruptly told us It was off to hospital with my poorly foot. Through a mass of protest I was man handled and made to go by Simon to Malor Hospital in Wrexham.
Dragging me there kicking ans screaming he took no notice of my excuses as we entered casualty.
They were very good and saw me straight away, after being fiddled with, I was taken for x-rays then back to see the doctor, to everones surprise they failed to find a broken bone. Apparently I had torn the tendon from the bone as I went over. Thankfully I was sent home to rest it.
Now it is just black and blue a wonderful colour, I can walk not too bad but it still swells an hurts a bit. I also have tablets to reduce swelling.
No worries guy`s I will be back soon exploring planning to do a little over the weekend. Our blog will re awaken shortly, watch this space !!!!

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