Saturday, October 9, 2010

Walking The Dogs At Hawksmoor Shropshire

Setting off early Simon, Aaron, Nana and I, along with the dogs Fred and Reggie headed for Simon`s mums in Larry the landrover. Larry is a handy vehicle to have as he tackles the bumpy lane leading the Aaron`s other Nana`s house.
After a cup of tea and the dogs running riot outside in the grounds. Simon, Aaron and I headed off leaving the two nannies to have a good gossip. The are so similar I call them the two book ends, they get on so very well.
We headed off along the track in the woods next to the farm. The dogs ran lose, it wasn't long before Fred found this favourite thing a huge muddy puddle. We watched as he wallowed in the muck.
We walked for some time before turning back as my ankle was getting sore. I now have the task of building up walking to help fix my broken tendon and stretch it back across the bone.
Building my walking up day by day.
Wish I could have explored further today in the old woodland at Hawksmoor but there are other days when my foot is fully better.
After saying our goodbyes to Nana 2 we headed home.
Later we had a lovely chippy tea before settling down to watch the X factor. Lovely day had by all.

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