Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fleecey Pj`s

Is it cold or is it me ????

We had a lovely time doing a bit of shopping today. After visiting Simon`s mum we headed to Wrexham town centre. Stopping off at KFC we had lunch before taking to the shops.

Here Aaron got some clothes along with Simon and I.

I also got a book about the Titanic which tells the tales of the survivors of the disaster. Finishing off we headed home washing the car on the way. Its now in shock as its clean !

Tea Time, Again I was in for a treat Simon took me out for a meal. Lucky girl to have such a lovely guy. Afterwards :- As its forcast to be a very cold night !!!

We settled down in front of the TV which is like being at the cinema with its huge screen. After a hot shower it was time to put on my new fleecey PJ`s Wow aren't they warm covered in little tweetie birds, its lovely to snuggle up to my lovely man.

Dont we love to snuggle up. xxxxxxxx


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