Friday, October 22, 2010

Whittington Castle Ghost Tour

A dusk began to fall, Aaron and I headed to Whittington Castle for a night of supernatural fun. Tonight we were going on a ghost hunt. We were not to be disappointed.

Arriving early after a chip shop tea we wandered about the castle grounds. We bought some duck food and headed to the moat to feed the swans. There were a number of younger swans on the moat who still had the traces of there grey feathers. The swans enjoyed there fill even though it was getting dark. After we had finished we watched them swim off towards there nesting area.

Soon our spooky evening began. We were off on our paranormal activity evening tour. First we headed around the grounds. Bumping into a hooded ghostly figure. The hooded figure told a tale of gore. Standing next to the old dungeon he told how prisoners were locked away, forgotten about and how they starved to death !

Next we were shown to the old court room. He the judge would condemn people to the gallows or to be drown in the moat. Which ever way bodies once killed by the gallow`s or other means of execution were thrown into the moat or down the deep well.

The old court room has been the scene of seance's and ghostly vi duals. It is said that during the over night vi duals shadows appear on the walls and tapping can be heard around the room. The table also floats and the glass during the seance moves spelling out letters and words.

The two spooky ghostly figures in the above window were said to have died within the cottage area of then castle in a fire, which started in the farm buildings and quickly spread whilst the children played in the above rooms. The children were over come by smoke before the flames consumed them

Another tale tells of a young servant boy who was murdered and his body thrown down the deep well. He is said to be seen walking through the huge walls were once a door stood the door has since been bricked up.

Two more young girls, are thought to have been killed century's apart by a chest. Curiosity got the better of them as they played in the rooms of the castle. A deep dark chest stood under a window. It was booby trapped. Not forgetting the little girls died century's apart. They were both adventurist and went over to investigate the chest. Once open they clambered inside as the chest slammed shut huge knives hidden within the lid of the chest penetrated there little bodies. They still walk around the castle unable to except the fate that ended their short lives.

Shropshire was alight with witches many years ago. If accused of being a witch you were subject to painful torture. Finger`s toe`s were broken, nails pull out, hot iron placed upon the body, tongues pulled from mouths, any you could have been torcured for hours by not being allowed to sleep made to walk up and down till exhaustion made you confess. There were many many other ways of torture also. The condemned also had another fate they were tied up and thrown into the moat around the castle. If they floated they were guilty or if they sank and drowned they were innocent either way they did not win. Another barbaric torture was for them to be burnt alive at the stake. Many innocent women lost their lives in this way. The witch finder general brought terror to the region during this time and many trials in the old Whittington castle court room sent many to there doom.

The gate keeper pictured above is also said to haunt the castle grounds. The hooded figure carrying his lantern has been seen by locals and sends spine chilling fear to anyone unfortunate enough to witness his presence..

After are tour we walked back to the car in the pitch black. After hearing such tales about the castle, both Aaron & I were glad to be locked inside our car and heading home.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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