Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camper Jam 2010 Weston Park

Fab weekend at Weston Park in Shropshire. They came in there thousands. VW camper vans everywhere. We had a good speck. Not far from the show.

The evening entertainment was really good. The Blues Brother`s played Friday Night. They were really good and we all enjoyed every minute.
Above deep in thought thinking of how are little Dan would have enjoyed this show.
We found a fab milkshake stall and coffee shop. Proper ice cream shakes.

Many people stopped to watch these to rolling round the floor together. Camper jam publicity staff to many photo`s of us. Camper magazine out in September with pictures from the show !

On Saturday afternoon we sat chilling listening to the acoustic guitar sounds of Bon Jovi, Brian Adams, oasis and the Beatles. This bloke was really good as we song along to the tunes.

There was a novelty dog show. Due to the amount of dogs entering. Each one was only allowed in two classes. Fred came 3rd in the Veteran class out of 98 dogs. Although he did show his age at this show and spent time hiding under our VW out of the heat he is fantastic for his age fast approaching 12 yrs.

Aaron really enjoyed going on the fair ground rides. He went on the rides on his own as at moment I am unable to go on the fast rides or do anything stressful due to pressure problems with my blood vessel's.

The fancy dress was really good some really good fun costumes.

We partied Saturday night to an 80`s band and the disco. We all had a fab time. VW parties are the best !!
Below we watched as the Chinese Latins took to the night sky`s, what a fantastic sight. Sending you off into a magical land of dreams, making a wish as they floated over ahead.

There were many VW Vans in the show, the blog below is jam packed with photo`s. :-)

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