Sunday, July 4, 2010

Baby Swallow`s Take To The Skys

Our baby swallow`s took to the sky`s on Friday for there first flight. There are 5 in all nesting above our back door. We have watched them grow after they hatched just a few short weeks ago.
Friday was there first time out of the nest.
This weekend has seen us all ducking and diving. We have found them in the kitchen and in the out building`s. They have got themselves stuck on a few occasion`s and Aaron has had to rescue them from places they couldn't fly out from.
Today Monday they are out for most of the day, They all sit on the barn roof along with there parents or end up on the washing lines or on the door of the our house peering back at us.
As the night falls they all end up back in the nest fairly squashed now due to there size.
They are wonderful to watch and we have enjoyed having them here and watching them grow. They are nearly as big as there parent`s so it wont be long before they are off to find families of there own.

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