Monday, July 26, 2010

Day Trip To Wirral To See Friends & Family

Our visit to the Wirral went really well. Mandy and I grew up with each other, after visiting her mum, dad and sisters Beverley and Elaine, we headed off for a surprise for my mum who is 80 yrs old, which Mandy had set up.
My mum`s old friend Jimmy Quillian who is 83 yrs old was working at the seaside restaurant on the front at New Brighton. Mandy came along with us to surprise my mum. They were thrilled to see each other after all these years.

Above -- Below Jimmy with my mum, Aaron & me.

Below -- Mandy & Aaron

Afterwards Mandy, Aaron, myself and Fred the dog went for a walk along the beach. Looking across the river towards Liverpool. Seaforth and Crosby. The views below are mostly of the industrial side of the Mersey. New Brighton and beyond on the Wirral side is more for tourists.

Fort Perch Rock sits below backing onto it is New Brighton Lighthouse. In the distance you can see the lighthouse that sits near Crosby and Seaforth. This is the mouth of the Mersey were they ships are kept in a strict lane due to traitorous sandbanks that line the Mersey as it comes into Liverpool.

Fred had a whale of a time paddling in the many rock pools. We also came across stranded Jelly Fish along the beach.

Afterwards after saying bye to Mandy we headed to Moreton to visit relatives. We also put flowers on Callum & Daniel`s grave.
Its lovely to go back to the Wirral to visit. I have many memories here of my childhood. But still Wales is out home now and always will be.

above --- Aaron pictured with his cousin Grace Lilly

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