Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekend with Friends

We have had a wonderful time this weekend. On Friday evening we had a barbecue party. Helen was here wonderful self coming out with some wise cracks. We fed and watered Nana. Interfering as usual Nana starts poking around in the bin outside, we all sat there watching here. Helen pipes up as Nana is rooting in the bin " Thought you`d had your tea Aunty Dot " well we all fell into hysterics as Helen had a look that could kill. So funny.
The barbecue went well I didn't burn anything mastered the technique and cooking it slow. As well as the usual burger and sausage we also tucked into chicken garlic and peppers. It was a good night.
I had children staying over so my hands were full with mischievous little imps. Aaron was a star and took over his big brother role with no problems. My imps went home a dinner time giving there mum a well earned rest for the night.
My childhood friend came up form the Wirral along with here family and royal navy boyfriend. We all went out Saturday afternoon for a meal at the Highway Man. This pub has been refurbished and is one of my favourites.
My mum came too Tony is a chief in the Royal Navy but many years ago myself, Mandy and He, all went to the same primary school, we had such a laugh when he started to wind up my mum as she worked at the primary school for many years. My mum was very tough with the kids and Tony reminded her how scary she was. It was so funny.
We also took a walk up to the river, taking Fred and Jingle along too. Recently Jingle is being a handful next door now have to mares in the field and his stallion naughty ways can be clearly seen at the moment. He is so naughty, this day no exception.
Later in the evening we went over to the pub Penybont Inn for a few game of pool. We had a lovely time, late Saturday Mandy and her family headed back to Wirral. So thrilled to be back in touch with my childhood pal it`s like we have never been apart.

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