Thursday, July 1, 2010

RDA Sponser Night Clwyd Special Riding Centre

Wednesday evening saw us heading to Clwyd Special Riding Centre, for the sponsor / adoption evening.
It was strange pulling up at the centre without Daniel. We wandered about watching the display`s and patting the horses and ponies. The views surrounding the centre are stunning. The photographs below tell the story of our visit.

Teddy is a little dun gelding about 12hh. He is like all the other ponies kind in temperament. Daniel rode Teddy for many years.
Daniel was unable to say many words due to his condition, he used makaton sign language.
When Teddy came into the arena Daniel would clearly shout " HI`YA TEDDY " It was amazing to hear, the effect this little pony had on Daniel.
Daniel like to ride most of the time without being held. He would sit up there chattering away to Teddy on his lessons in the arena and on the tracks surrounding the centre.
A few times Daniel bit the dust. Teddy spooked on the odd occasion and Daniel parted company from his stead. Most of the time he sat playing in the arena sand although one time he did get his twisted foot stuck in the stirrup from then on he rode without stirrups.

Homer is a lovely pony a black & white cob gelding approx 13.2hh. He had a bad start to his life as as a foal he was left in a field. The headcollar he was wearing embedded into his face leaving him with scars. He is such a friendly pony.
As Daniel grew bigger he started to alternate between the two ponies riding them alternate weeks.
Daniel had physio whilst riding from Anne. She battled with Daniel as did the other staff whilst trying to get Daniel to do some of his exercises. Some he liked others he detested.
Daniel was at one point on a hipatherapy programme. He rode backwards for some of the session`s. This provided a back strenghten exercise as the gravity of the horse walking enable him to use other muscles. Homer was found to be good for this as he also had a good hip stretch due to Homer`s cob size wide back. Riding backwards made Daniel very unique at the centre he was a very popular character with all the staff and volunteer's. Homer is an extremely gentle pony whom I am very fond of.

Horses & Ponies

Above & Below - Bud with Aaron

Below - Big Charlie

The staff at the centre are fab. It was great to see some of them yesterday. I would like to thank them all for giving Daniel many years of happiness riding his beloved ponies, and also a big thank you for giving Daniel`s family, support workers and friends some very special memories of the happy times we had at the centre.
Also a big thank you to Gerry, Steve and Sharon for coming to Alder Hey to visit Daniel whilst he was in intensive care. A special thank you to Sharon and her family for being so supportive in Daniel`s final days and after, I don't no what I would have done without your support.
To learn more about the centre visit
Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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