Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One for the Girls Love Rats How To Spot Them

Hi to all that read my blogs just a brief note. Sorry I Havent had time to up date our blogs. Have been such a busy buzzy bee of late.
I have lots to tell and lots of photo`s to add once I have the time so keep watching in the meantime he is one for the girls.
Sent to me via email from Julie.
I think this is also on Daniel`s web site forums @@@

Spot a Love Rat Cheater -
1. Man that like thrills fast cars and motorbikes ect?
2. Is is a Charmer?
3. Did his dad cheat learn a lot from there fathers?
4. Do his friends cheat?
5.Has he been a bad boy inv with police ect?
6.Does he flirt with the ladies?
7.Has he been unfaithful before? if you answer yes to this one beware Cheaters remain cheaters: a cheater never changes his spots. If you answer a Yes to this one look out!
8. Does he come home late or you dont no were he has been, has he beenout longer than expected?
If you have answered YES to more than one the more the answer is a YES the more the man you have landed is a love rat. What you do now with him is entirely up to you. Girls you have been warned.

This always tickles me as it reminds me of my past I could answer YES to all of those questions at one time.
Just glad the past is the past. The book is closed on that part of our lives.
I have a wonderful man and a future I can look forward too and as for my Billy the answer to every question above is NO NO NO
Just shows how true the test is. Thanks girls for sending this in again. Lesley x

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