Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family Camping July 2008

July 2008 saw a few of Aarons Great Aunts & Uncles visiting for a camping trip in Llangollen. We all had a great time. Including Aaron nana Dot. It saw many laughs bringing us all to tears at times. Aaron played football with his great Aunt Carol. Was chased and harressed by his great Uncle Ron with his great Aunty Val intervening at times. All the dogs joined in as well. Billy didnt stop laughing at the jokes and sarcastic comments all the oldies were coming out with. Aaron & I had a great time we went walking and came across a magical place called the fairy glen. Here we ventured over bridges, stepping stones, through streams and through the woods. Fred our naughty dog dragged me in the mud landing on my bum. Photo of Fred above eyeing up a duck for tea. It was also nice to hear of Alan & Joan our looking for a house in the area. Also June and Bernie spend most of there time up here now. Its nice having family around us.
Were off to Norflok soon to watch my cousins perform. They are in a rock band Ronnies wife Charlotte is a fantastic singer here is a link to there web site Sayermusic . All in all it was a lovley few days. Id like to thank all of my extended family for helping me through the last few months and being there for us all.

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