Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Joys Of The Countryside

Well I couldn't contain my giggles as we stumbled across the cows crossing the road near Llansantffraid.
Milking was finished and the cows where heading off to the green lush pasture on the Shropshire / Welsh border.
They where a cheeky herd gazing around at the gleaming black estate car before them. Simon had spent quite a bit of time the day before valeting it up. It takes him some time with him being unwell but with his strength and determination he battles on sticking two fingers up to the cancer that try to grow inside him.
The cows eventually crossed the road with one cheeky monkey being left behind at she decided to eat the grass on the verge not waiting for the rest of the ladies to remove there butt's out of the way, greed got the better of her. Some of us no the feeling don't we ladies suppose it's like us trying to diet when before us lays our favourite chocolate bar.
As the cars faded into the field with the farmer red and stressed chasing the cheeky wanderer our pathway was clear or was it?
Simon sat muttering in no uncertain terms at the lovely mess before us. The herd of  cows left us a lovely huge present.
My giggles turned to laughter at the task ahead and the lovely clean car we sat in. Not amused  was Simons words, of course me being me sees the funny side of everything. We etched forward slowly creepy through the river of cow poo left in the road a clean car no more.  The joys of the countryside she says with a smile.

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