Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Off On His Travels : Flying The Nest

It's not easy letting go of a son you love ever so much but you have too. Sending him off on his train journey down to the south of the country brought tears to my eyes buy also joy at the thought that I have brought up such an independent child whom is not only living his dream but mine to. He is doing things I would have loved to have done his age  I am so pleased he has the confidence to follow his dreams.
Over the summer he will be on a journey seeing some of our country but also the world. This time completing the CLC course for the army. I am one proud mum and I know that his CV will be outstanding to read. 
Although he is seeing the world Wales will always be his true home.

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Kat Hickling said...

Good luck Aaron, enjoy ur travels wherever they may take u xx home will always b here xx have fun hunni xx