Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eden Project

Wandering through the plants and flowers, you suddenly come across domes of the green house type.
Entering the dome you enter into another world.
The first side you walk into a rain forest just like the real thing with the plants, the shell's and the heat. The heat hits you its up to 33 degrees. It's a magical walk with man made waterfall, with plants and flowers you only see in a real rain forest but this is a real rain forest with bananas hanging above your head.
High above Is a platform. The platform Is at the top of the dome. Being adventurous off we trot to find our way up to the top surprisingly it's a steady walk until you reach the platform.
Wow what a view when your at the top of the world, well the rain forest anyway !
This Rainforest Biome is the largest rainforest in captivity. We have trekked through the steamy jungle, we discovered how the rainforest can keep us alive and how we can help do the same for them. Bananas? Coffee? Cashews? It's a fascinating place.
The Eden project is said to be a living theatre of plants and people, an amazing global garden with wild landscapes, ornamental plants and crops that we relief on everyday. Did you know? There are many different varieties of wheat.
Within the site, there our three different climate Zones the rain forest of which I have written about, our own climate and the Mediterranean dome. The Mediterranean zone is Cornwall's little bit of California, South Africa and Mediterranean. Very neat and tidy with a warm glow. Here you can inhale the scents, see the sights and listen to the stories from their very own storyteller.  This dome has some beautiful coloured flower's they also make some scrumptious pizza's med style. The Mediterranean dome you can wander through some wild landscapes and stroll through the world's kitchen garden wild vines, age old olives, the citrus groves, a beautiful and relaxing place to stroll through.
The last dome  we visited was the core of the site these is were you learn about some of Eden, s project work behind the scenes you also discover how the planets wild scenes keep us all alive.
You would never believe that this place the outdoor Biome back in 1998 with just the sky for a roof was once a barren landscape, with no soil and no plants. It fantastic what they have done to this place, well worth a visit.

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