Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life Is Short

This saying is ever so true. As many of you know some members of my family have died long before their time. This is my new motto, life is way to short to be unhappy if you are unhappy its time to change your life. Wear a smile everyday not a frown. If things are bad think of something nice, bad times pass but some of the bad times leave you with ever lasting scares. Scares don't heal there always there sometimes to haunt you. My mind works terrible sometimes, I don't mind saying, my many scares make me think what could happen in everything I do. I  do a mind risk assessment all the time. Sometimes panic sets in and I have to talk myself down. Life is a risk everyday, thats just the way it is, thats life. I always carry a seat belt cutter and a small window hammer in an electric windowed car, this stems from a couple of incidents i remember and saw as a youngster, I watched a women burn to death trapped in a car and a couple drown when their car fell into the Penny Bridge dock. I remember counsellors being horrified at all the things I have seen and been through over the years. I have a past that would curl your hair !  I have learnt to change the way I think over the years take everyday as it comes. Don't waste your days dwelling on what you should have done. Wake up everyday with a smile. Its the first of July today new month fresh start smile face the world and any challenge with the hugest smile you have. Smile because the sun is shining and its summer.

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