Monday, July 21, 2014

Woodford Bridge

Where we stayed 

Woodford Bridge Hotel & Country Club is set in the heart of North Devon. Nestled deep in the countryside between Torrington and Holsworthy.
I have always loved this part of the country spending many a time down here in the South West of England. I have many happy memories of bringing both my boys here when they were young in our VW, but also some sad times of times before.  In fact I nearly bought a house in this part of the world many years ago. I often wonder how life would have been if we had moved to here instead of Wales.
North Devon and Cornwall is such a beautiful part of the world. Close to the sea, which is rough and wild surfers paradise and the land of the VW camper.
Woodford Lodge stands at the side of the A388.  It's thatched roof stands out as you swoop down the steep hill into the valley below. Driving around here is like being on a roller coaster. The valley is very picturesque with the lodge looking like something you would find on the front of a chocolate box.
The lodge as is full history as is Woodford Bridge which stands over the Torridge. as traffic increased over the years instead of having to wade through a Ford the bridge was built Behind the lodge the banks are steep. On the hillside where the sides of the Valley above the river are at the steepest, banks and ditches of an ancient earthwork.  Much is hidden in the trees and undergrowth that clothe the hillside but if your a good searcher or navigator and start from were unit T25 stands on Woodford Bridge Resort you may find the evidence.
Woodford Bridge is the halfway stopping point between Bideford & Holsworthy.  It is only natural the the house in the centre would provide hospitality for the passing traveller or for those off to market or for even those in the  passing pilgrimage on their way to the local Holy Well.
As the years went by the passing traffic horse and cart or horse and carriage began to increase so the thatched house along the wayside was developed and turned into an Inn.  To provide more accommodation, extra rooms were added to the house both on the ground floor and on to the upper floors.  To help feed the hungry rabble a small holding was developed around the inn, with orchards to provide the raw material for cider and out house to house cows, pigs and poultry.
The Inn tried to be as self sufficient as possible. The water supply was not a problem initially as a clear spring ran down at the back of the house from the hillside above. A while later a better supply of water was found by sinking a well and installing a pump at the front of the house. The wheel is still In place today although a little bit rusty.
Woodford Lodge is in a beautiful setting walking around the back of the lodge the grounds are steeped with little fairy glens with beautiful flowers and wild plants please take a peak at the picture on the blog. We give Woodford Lodge 9 out of 10 only because parking is a little tight and the road is a bit fast and furious. Still its a beautiful place to stay well kitted out.

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