Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Widemouth Bay

Another place with fond memories of some happy, some sad times. Here the surf is rife. The waves rush in in the distance you can see the young man riding the wave before he falls off onto the surf. Waves rushing in as fast as they can Black Rock Bay was were we parked up before moving on to the top car park to take in the wonderful views. It was here I brought my alsatian dog Brandy who would howl at the word Ilfracombe, so funny.  Widemouth Bay is another reminder of how popular this magical mystical place of North Devon & Cornwall is with the VW crowd.
I remember the last time I came, when I came down alone with my two boys and the dog, the beach had golden sand, Daniel splashed in the waves whilst Aaron and I tried body boarding. Simon wouldn't be tempted although I tried very hard, the body boards are at home in the shed. The views over the bay are beautiful, the waves crash into the rocks. It's a place of tranquillity and relaxation.  It's also fun to watch the surfers braving the waves.

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