Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Ponderosa

A sunny glorious afternoon saw up heading up the horse shoe pass at Llangollen. The views across the valley are just stunning with little dotted stone houses appearing on the edge of the hillsides. The smell of the wild undergrowth fills the car as you climb steeper and steeper to the summit.
Sitting at the top is a busy little cafe, here you can buy yourself some lunch, ice cream, hot and cold drinks. There is also a delightful gift shop filled with little take home treasure which are not just local but from across the beautiful landscapes of Wales. A lovely place to visit.
Outside there are bench, tables and chairs to sit on whilst taking in the views.  Which stretch before you as far as the eye can see. It's a place just to sit and relax especially in the sunshine, although being lucky enough to be close to Llangollen the winter time can have a dramatic effect on the landscape, worth visiting if you brave enough in the snow. It's a great place to take your camera as you can get some really good shots. The horseshoe pass is a place not to be rushed it's full of Welsh delights and lots of sheep to. It's also a haven for motorbikes many stop in the summer ever day with Sunday being the busiest. 
Low in the valley sits Llangollen a great place to stop and browse the shops. A ice cream by the river is a must a delightful setting with rushing water flowing through. 
There is also an old railway station with trips up and down the line talk g you further into the delights of rural Wales. A great place to visit on a day trip or stay a day or two, there is plenty on offer within only a few miles east easy you go. The joys of sunny Wales, I am so lucky to live here.

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