Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Donkey`s Of Clovelly

This I loved ..... There wasn't many people about so the man who was looking after donkey's let us through into the sheds to get up close and personal with the donkey's of course.
I think he may have taken pity on me as I found myself earlier taking to a donkey which I found out was plastic. Oh dear another blonde moment.
Well the donkey's were gorgeous. We found some of them quite big. These are for older children to ride on. The ages vary  from 2 to 30. There was also a mule amongst them. The donkey's are a huge part in the past within Clovelly.
The streets are far to steep for cars, cars are band from the old cobbled streets.
For centuries donkey's were the main form of transportation around the village. Today the donkey's don't have to carry or pull heavy loads these are the lucky donkey's as if you saw the streets you would realise what these poor animals had to endure in the past. The donkey's would have been very fit for the task in hand.
The donkey's are an important part of the past and it's great to see tradition still alive in the village. The donkey's of today have the job of taking children for rides.
We found a couple of donkey's on the cobbled streets.
Today the villagers transport their goods on sledges, the sledges carry anything from groceries to furniture.
Donkey's are lovely gentle creatures giving them a cuddle was great.
Enjoyed .......

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