Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Irish National Stud - Kildare


The Irish National Stud stands in the County Of Kildare. In the sixteenth century the land around Tully came into the possession of the Sarsfield family this was around 1650. In 1900, Colonel William Hall-Walker, son of a Scottish brewer, purchased a farm at Tully, Kildare and started to breed thoroughbred horses.
Tully  was the British National Stud Company until 1943. It was then handed over to the Irish Government. In 1945 the Irish National Stud Company was formed to promote the interests of the Irish Bloodstock Industry, which continues to this day. 

This was lovely, we enjoyed every minute at the stud. We went on the carriage ride about pulled by a beautiful cob called Jack.  We wandered up the Tully walk, admiring the mares and the foals in the surrounding fields. In another huge paddock the retired race horses happily grazed, galloping over as Jack pulled his carriage past to take a look.

Wandering on we walked past the mare and foal boxes with the nursery paddocks next to them. there was also a paddock containing miniature ponies. Walking on you then walk through the stallion paddocks. These are double fenced. Below and above is the most expensive stallion I have ever been in the presence of his name is Invincible Spirit. He is worth a staggering 600,000 euro  and insured for the sum of 60 million euro. He is a stunning horse. 

Moving on we visited the Stallion stable block this was immaculate. We also visited the museum. It was such a lovely place and so interesting if you have horses in your blood. 

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