Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Aaron`s 14th Birthday

Aaron recently reached a mile stone in his life,
his fourteen birthday.
He had a wonderful weekend, we headed for Southport Air Show which is a previous blog.
Sunday Aaron woke eager for his cards and gifts.
He opened his cards where he found quite a few pounds which is now in the bank account. He also opened his presents a couple of DVD`s, a hard rock cafe t-shirt and book on top gear. His main present is a physical task which will be on blogger soon.

Aaron is a wonderful young man who has a very good future ahead of him. He has many interests which mainly involve the outdoors. He is a keen swimmer now doing his bronze in life saving, he is excellent at karate and self defence and hopefully will achieve his blue belt shortly a few more belt and he will be a black belt.

He is very keen on the army cadets and has been away down south with the army during the summer holidays. He is now a 1 star working on his 2nd star.

He came home from army camp with a little extra, a girlfriend. Hollie, this little lady is a lovely girl who thinks the world of Aaron.  " Big Hugs Hollie ".

He is also in the local scout explorer group.

He loves outdoor activities. He enjoys kayaking, wind surfing, walking, rock climbing and cycling. He is also a very sporty person who like`s cross country running and playing a wide range of games including football, rugby and tennis.
He has grown up so much over the last few month. He is young man I am extremely  proud of. He works hard in everything he does. He gains remarkable results at school and achieves so much in his outside activities.
He has a mind of his own, views and makes his own decisions. Aaron has had a tough time coping with things a child should never have to, but the past events have only made him stronger. He has learnt so much in life to date. He knows what he wants do so in the futures and is determined to achieve all he can.  I look forward to watching grow through his teenage years into a fine wonderful young man.


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