Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Aaron & His Dad Our Swim At Welshpool Flash Oct 2008

Today in the afternoon, the boys went swimming at Welshpool Flash. It was a lovely hot Autumn day.They had a great time playing ball.

Both Aaron & his step dad Billy are keen swimmers and both love football, they practiced there header skills across the bar between the two pools. It nice to see Aaron playing happily again after all the trauma in his life over last few years. Once they had enough playing ball they both headed for the long winding slide and the water rapids. Billy then retired to the jacuzzi for a rest. It wasn't long before Aaron had him out again to play ball before it was time to leave.

We all met up in the cafe afterwards for a nice drink. We then had a look around Welshpool before heading home.

Welshpool is a lovely Shropshire / Welsh boarder town with a range of old buildings, an old light railway, Powis Castle & some interesting shops. Welshpool is surrounded by pretty countryside. Worth a visit if your in the area here is a link for info on the town http://www.welshpool.org/

Billy and Aaron had a nice afternoon. They get on so well. They both enjoy doing activities together from playing football, swimming, walking, playing chess, crosswords, games and puzzles to entering competitions together. Billy adores Aaron buys him treats and pays for him when were out. On way home last night Billy's train was held up, making Billy late home. Billy rang us a few times to let us no what was happening. Aaron kept saying when are you coming home Billy hates letting Aaron down, it was no fault of his own. Aaron had to go to bed before Billy got in, but still he went up to Aaron's room to give him a goodnight kiss. He is getting off early tonight to make it up to him. Billy your a star and a wonderful dad to Aaron. above pictures of Welshpool and the boys together

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