Sunday, May 8, 2011

Knowsley Safari Park - Tale of the Baboon

Knowsley Safari Park proved to be

an amusing but a really enjoyable day out ! Firstly visiting to safari drive we drove around the animals enjoying the tranquility and carmness of them even the lions. We obtained some fabulous photographs as you can see. Reaching the Baboons it was a very different story. Having a car with slippy siding body work it was a safe bet we would be ok in there. From the minute we entered we were targeted. A clam looking baboon sat on the wing mirror munching away at the front in his paws. This wasnt to bad he was just messy slopping all over the windows and bonnet.

He stayed with us most of the way around still munching and watching us through the windows.

Suddenly to my horror we watched the car in front a really naughty Baboon tore at the window wipers ripping them off in seconds. It was a little new black golf, as it sat on the back window with a wondow wiper trophey in hand, it glared at us. Dropping the tropheys of golf window wipers it suddenly jumped off and straight onto the bonnet of my car. over the roof. Chasing off the calm Babbon in the process. You could hear it tugging at the ariel.

Next minute it appeared at the back window. We watched in horror as it spent a couple of seconds figuring out how the back wiper arm came off. In seconds it was waving the trophey it had acquired at us as we watched through the back window. We were amazed at the way it did it. It new exactly what it was doing !

Suddenly it dropped the wiper on the floor and shot back over the roof and sat on the bonnet.

I was amazed as it studyed the front wipers. Right you buggger you aint having them I thought time for war.

moving forward i slammed the brakes on asn watched as the little tearaway slid off the bonnet onto the floor. By heck it wasnt a happy Baboon it ran around the car straight to the drivers window.

Sitting on the wing mirrow it glared at me. Then started to jump up and down on it trying to get it off. It was lucky it didnt recieve a smacked bottom off me. But the lord was on our side as the heavens opened and the rain poured down. The naughty Baboon made a hasty retreat back towards the tree`s leaving the rest of my car intact minus a back window wiper. !
The rest of our trip then around the safari drive was again calm as we watched the animals in there make shift home enviroments.

Parking in the car park a little later we giggled to ourselves at the amount of cars minus window wipers mainly vauxhalls.

After lunch we headed to the attractions wandering around the fair and the animal pens. We had as lovley time watching the birds of prey display again obtaining some really good photo`s.

It was a really nice day out apart from the bad Baboon. But these Baboons have a histroy of being in trouble. On one occasion they escaped into Kirby a nearby Liverpool district, here they throw stones at the locals before being round up by safari park staff and taken back to Knowsley.

We also saw lots of other things at the park including feeding of the otters. The otters munched away on baby chicks so this wasnt for the squimish.

Another nice trip was going on the little train ride which takes you around some of the animals. Wesaw many geese ducks and even an ostich sitting on a nest of eggs. Aaron also enjoyed a couple of rides on the fair.

To visit knowsley or for anymore information please visit but my advice if you have a nice car go on the Babbon friendly route !

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