Sunday, May 8, 2011

Southport & Pontins

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the old Pontins in Southport had been partly refurbished. We settled in to our apartment then wandered around the complex. There was lots to do and the entertainment was fairly good giving us all a laugh and a giggle even the grumps ( Simon & Aaron ).

We watched a few of the shows ate in the restaurant and played on the games in the arcade including our little passion of the air hockey table. There is stiff competition on this table between Aaron and I. Simon was the ref, he had the hardest job with all the cheating that goes on.

During our stay were were off out most of the time exploring the surrounding`s off sunny Southport.

We wandered around the shops at one point looking down the hidden side streets for the unusual ones. Southport is clearly an old Victorian Seaside town steeped in history. Its nice to see the old part of the town still standing but like most places its been expanded and modernised throughout.

Going back to Pontins we went for a swim which was very pleasant. There was lots of water activities in the pool with goal posts and balls to play with. Aaron and Simon played water netball whilst i swam up and down putting in some length`s. It`s fairly hard swimming at the moment at i can only swim using one leg due to the instability of my knee.

The motorbike crash my ex husband and I had many years ago has now taken it toll on my knee. At moment I am under the hospital wait and see I am very reluctant to have my knee replaced. Id rather keep the parts I was born with. I am not ready for such invasion and having this done will change my life for quite some time and wont have that as I am enjoying it to much at the moment.

The crash happened in 1992 when a car pulled out hitting the motorbike crushing my leg breaking it into pieces and bursting it open. I no I am lucky to have a leg after such injuries and the doctor`s have been keen to tell me that fact again recently.

Anyhow life is good and i am not about to give into it yet.

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