Friday, August 1, 2014

Picturesque Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe has such a picturesque harbour it holds the hearts of many local people but also mine. I remember this place from many years ago it was beautiful back then as it is today. My dog Brandy used to howl when you mentioned Ilfracombe it was so funny, I can still picture my Alsatian dog jumping the waves and chasing his frisbee on the harbour beach. I have very little happy memories of years ago but this was a happy one.
Today we wandered to both ends of the seafront streets. The west side were we found the waves crashing into the rocks as the tide came in. We also found a lovely chip shop settling down to chippy dinner, just bliss.
Ilfracombe is such a charming seaside town just beautiful in all directions.  By this time Simon was having a few problems so we went for a ride to the harbour.
It was rather busy with boats heading out to Lundy Island and fishing trips for those who fancied it. The harbour is just stunning.
Ilfracombe is a town that has a must visit on my list if in the area of North Devon. The town also has delicious ice cream as does the rest of Devon & Cornwall.

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