Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Angry Tides

Watching the Waves fly high up against the sea wall, the sea ( River Mersey ) looks very angry. The waves crashed high with might roaring in from the Irish Sea. The skye were grey and angry to leaving us feeling we where in an environment that was way beyond our control. It`s quite scary to see the power of mother nature as the water pounded the defences around us. Ships in the distance used the high waters to make there exits from the Liverpool docklands, we watched as the sailed into the open waters beyond the horizon. It was a day we were suppose to do some beach combing, this will teach me not to check the tides for next time. But although the tide wasn't out we still had a good day watching the angry waters.
Afterwards after picking Nana up form her sisters, we headed along the coast firstly stopping at the grave to place some flowers. The sun shone down here as we placed a mass of summer colours in the pots. It looked very pretty when we left.
Further up the coast we stopped at Parkgate. This is a very unusual spot as the shores of the River Dee on this side of the Wirral peninsula are partly covered in a march reed bed. As you look out yonder you can see in the distance the green mountains of Wales. A very beautiful view of a country steeped in history. The Old Quay pub has been a place I have visited since a young child, its also a place I have taken Aaron since a small boy. The pub is lovely overlooking the views of the Marsh and Wales, you can see some wildlife here at times. Delightful cranes sweep in out out of the marsh onto there nests. The food at the Quay is just delicious, a mouthwatering cheap meal out, not to be missed.
The day created many laughs and a few tears shed at the graveside of two very special little boys who brighten up the heavenly skies every day. 

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