Monday, August 4, 2014

Arlington Court

Arlington Court is nestled in the North Devon countryside. A very beautiful estate. Here you can explore the Regency house that was once home to the Chichester family for over 500 years. The house was given to the national trust by the last owner, a young lady whom never married of had any children, so when she passed she left it all to the National Trust. The house has a vast collection of item that  was also left to the National Trust.
There are magnificent model shops around the house and seashells.
The house has many rooms to explore all with beautiful decor and furnishings throughout.
Sadly we didn't have a vast amount of time to explore the rest of the grounds but it's definitely a place we would like to visit again. In the book shop there is a web camera which is watching the bats that live their  very interesting. 
The cream teas her are delious.   she says with a smile, a lovely fews hours spent. 

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