Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Supercar Challenge

Quote  " Thanks Mum one of the best presents ever. "  What do you get a teenage boy for Christmas ?  Well I found this after a great deal of searching. A junior track day driving supercars. It looked fab & it was !  
Off we trotted four adults and two very excited teenage boys Aaron & his oldest friend Callum. We had one of the best days out I can remember. The smiles on the boys faces was priceless. They both got to drive James Bond`s Aston Martin & an Audi R8 around the track. I was so impressed with both the boys they did so well. Aaron was sliding the back end of the Aston Martin around the beds drifting. They both went out with instructors coaching them all the way. 
The Aston had a paddle shift this was Aaron`s favourite. He has now decided he is having one of these when he is older. His aim in life is to get the best paid job possible. He has still got ideas of being the next inventor of  the little blue pill  many men are so fond of after seeing the inventors mansion of the millionaire islands in Miami. It still brings a smile to my face thinking of our times in America which we hope to visit again one day and we will. Aaron was excellent at driving the Aston. This young man will go far.
The Audi R8 was a stunning car, this was shift change it was very quick off the mark but Aaron handled it fine. It only took him a couple of laps before he was flooring it down the straight overtaking some of the other cars on the track. This day out was magical and is another event we can put down on the long list of memorable events. The day had not finished yet there was a little extra surprise in store for these lucky boys. 
We also have recorded drives of the boys and the fab professional photographs on CD of the day which I will put on another blog as well as the extra special surprise.

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