Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brecon Beacons

On those steep and very winding roads,
With bends and corners your car does hold.
High up into the mountains of the old.
A rugged landscape of harsh marsh land,
Deep vales into the valleys and beyond.
The beauty shows across the homeland.
Kites and buzzards roam the land.
Soaring high into the bright blue skies,
A sight not often seen by eye.
Hunting for prey and a nesting ground.
The magic of the Beacon lands. 
Where weather has a mind of its own,
Rain, sunshine and wind betroth.
Pouring rain to sunny skies. 
Untouch from modern life as such,
Awash with a land where kings did roam.
In years gone by no change took hold,
Wild ponies wander across the land.
In small herds with foal at foot.
A land so wild with no need to tame.
A land we love with heart and soul,
A magic land we call our home.

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