Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Daniel 17 Years Old Today Born 23/4/1997

They say time heals but that is not true,
To live life without you is painful through and through. 
I sit beside your graveside, placing flowers in your pots,
as the tears well up in my eyes.
I hear a little sigh please don't cry mum, 
am out of pain and always by your side xx

My Easter Bunny xx

Another year passes without you by my side, 
this year marks your seventeenth a milestone in your life.
I wonder what you would have looked like, 
how much you would have grown.
But sadly you went away, 
with the secrets, never to be told.
I can although in my dreams, imagine you close by.
I reach out to touch your hand.
But your abrasion fades away. 
I wake with such heartache Dan,
that never goes away.

You will always be my bunny bumpkins miss you more than words can say 
Happy Birthday my angel 
love always and forever 

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