Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chester Food & Drink Festival

Chester food and drinks festival was an interesting day out. I am pleased to say I won the tickets to the event which was held a Chester Race Course. Some of the stalls were quite fascinating selling a wide range of burgers and sausage made of animals you would never expect including zebra, wild dog to goat curry. There was am exotic game stall which I had to walk past quickly the animals on the menu where not for the faint hearted. 
We dud try some of the cheeses these were quite nice the Snowdonia Cheese was my favorite.  There was a stall from Saddleworth makings cheese this company was actually owned by a Coronation Street star. I cant remember his name but he was married to Gail Platt and he is David Platt`s father.  
The stall that gave us the most giggles was Simon's Sausage. There was a motto on his board saying " Nothing says I love you like an 8" sausage ". This made me laugh Simon wasn't amused especially when I made him stand under the sign for a photograph.  
There were many stalls to browse around from fancy popcorn to Celtic gifts. Another stall that was very interesting and unusual was A chocolate stall this had what looked so very real. Tools hammers,  mallets, spanners and much more all made of chocolate.  They looked so very real. Well all in all a fascinating day out in lovely sunshine. 

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